Volume 2: 3 Years Later

"This webcomic fits a very particular brand of web humor - one I associate with lolcats and other folks who still think that MS Paint is the best tool ever. Reading the first 29 episodes basically set me up for what was to follow in this extremely quick read...
"...I do give it props for being what it is. A quick tale full of misspellings (done on purpose, I hoped) and a Palm Tree Sage who becomes an Outhouse Sage because a hobo needed a place to poop. Though the story is simple, time is given to explore all the different adventures that Hero must go through to defeat the aliens and Villain and save the city (and the mayor, named Mayor, out of jail). We get tons of time for back story, time with Hero finding his lost powers, etc....
"...It was nice to read quickly and let me know that, throughout the years, webcomics haven't changed too much. At least some of them." -Gabriel. 3 out of 5 stars.

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